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Clinical trials

This channel is dedicated to the latest news and views from clinical trials currently being carried out to test epigenetic drugs in human subjects. Covering Phase I through Phase IV, we aim to bring you information from the cutting edge of this exciting new field of drug discovery.

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Drug targets & design

This channel is devoted to the latest information from the field of epigenetic drug design, including advances in drug targeting and delivery. Here, we cover drug discovery approaches and epigenetic targets for treating Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, hematological cancers, neurological and psychological conditions, diabetes and obesity, to name a few.

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Environmental & developmental epigenomics

This channel is dedicated to the latest news and updates on how environmental and developmental exposures cause modifications in the epigenome. Topics covered include: pregnancy and the epigenome, pathology of cancer, diabetes and obesity, neurology and psychological development including the impact of social environment on the epigenome.

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This channel is dedicated to the latest news and exclusive insights from the EpigenomicsNet editorial team. If you would like to see any support or how-to guides included, let us know and they’ll appear here!

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This channel is dedicated to the latest and greatest events in the field of epigenomics, including conferences, symposia and awareness days, keeping you in the loop! Bookmark for the latest news, conference reports and video interviews to celebrate disease awareness days and events.

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Methods, technologies & industry development

This channel is devoted to exclusive news, views and interviews from industry leaders, including the latest technologies and methods currently sweeping the ever-growing field of commercial epigenomics research. With the epigenomics market expected to boom in the next few years, this is your first stop for the latest insights into the industry.

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