The journal Epigenomics, published by Future Medicine (part of Future Science Group), provides the forum to address the rapidly progressing research developments in this ever-expanding field; to report on the major challenges ahead and critical advances that are propelling the science forward. The journal delivers this information in concise, at-a-glance article formats – invaluable to a time-constrained community.

Much like the journal that inspired its creation, EpigenomicsNet aims to direct key information to members of the epigenomics community, but also encourages interaction and discussion within the community to develop this innovative and important scientific field.

For details on publishing in Epigenomics, please speak with the Commissioning Editor.

  • Joseph Martin, Commissioning Editor ( Joseph is the Commissioning Editor for Epigenomics, our associated journal. For any info on submitting to one of the top journals in epigenomics, Joseph should be your point of contact.