The effect of the epigenomics revolution on all fields of biology cannot be understated and it continues to change how we look at the world. At EpigenomicsNet, we want to provide a communal space where industry and academic professionals can come together to discuss the latest research and developments, share thoughts and opinions, and build valuable international relationships. Ultimately, we hope this dynamic network will provide a catalyst to accelerate progress and encourage collaboration in this ever-changing field.

Why should you join?

First and foremost, you should do so because, by joining the network and sharing your news and knowledge, you will be contributing towards the development of this exciting field. But, at a more personal level, this network also gives you the opportunity to connect with your peers and help gain knowledge and connections that may be useful to your work, whether it is research or regulation.

EpigenomicsNet is largely based on content generated by the network’s users and is designed to provide experts with a platform to collaborate, showcase their work and share news and their perspectives on the field. At the forefront of EpigenomicsNet are the site’s Leaders and Networkers: Leaders have maximum exposure on the site and are responsible for generating discussion, promoting ideas and stimulating debate; Networkers have the ability to post to the site, engage with fellow professionals and ultimately elevate their profile. Blog posts generated by Networkers do not appear on the homepage.

Key points

  • Free to join
  • Fast access to editor- and user-generated news, discussion and opinion on key topics
  • Share your own news and views in posts, videos and panels
  • Network with your peers
  • Exclusive free access to selected journal articles published by Future Science Group
  • Weekly newsletter keeping you up to date


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Who is EpigenomicsNet?

There are plenty of wonderful people working behind the scenes to help this network operate, but the core team is:

  • Peter Brown, Community Manager ( Peter knows all there is to know about the site and can help you if you have any questions about using the network. You can find more about Peter by checking out his profile, and can find his posts here.
  • Joseph Martin, Commissioning Editor ( Joseph is the Commissioning Editor for Epigenomics, our associated journal. For any info on submitting to one of the top journals in epigenomics, Joseph should be your point of contact.
  • Andy Kemp, Business Development Manager ( ). Andy is a member of our business development team and will happily answer any questions regarding opportunities on the network.

If you would like to know more about using EpigenomicsNet please speak to the Community Manager.